Tough Enough

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Davin Strong, Devin Franco, Isaac X, Marco Napoli, Ryan Carter

Are you ‘Tough Enough’ to handle this lair of throbbing cocks, fetish toys, and insatiable men? Directors Devin Franco, Jasun Mark, and this cast of five ravenous men are on a mission to find out as they invite you in, tie you down, and see just how much your hole can handle. Fetish fuckers Marco Napoli and Ryan Carter may have just met Isaac X, but they’re already on a mission to pin him down and breed his open throat. Still not done with him, the two bend Isaac X over to bareback his sloppy hole and destroy his open ass. Just outside, officer Devin Franco is trying to bust Davin Strong for indecent exposure, but the bodybuilder has other plans. Davin Strong grabs the policeman by his collar and drags him into the Meat Market where he’s stripped down, chained to a wall, and anally filled with some hairy cock. Now bent over a table, Devin Franco finds himself being paddled, gagging on a massive dildo, and getting fucked by the muscular stranger until he’s covered in a thick layer of fresh cum. It just goes to show that you have to be a certain type of man that’s ‘Tough Enough’ to handle this level of cock, but these hardcore dick fiends seem to be up for the challenge.