The Punchy Proctologist


Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Ashley Ryder, Wrex Wylde, Drew Sebastian, Teddy Bryce, Drew Dixon

When life gets to be a real pain in the butt, it’s best to see a professional like ‘The Punchy Proctologist’, who gets paid to deal with assholes every day. Join director Tom Moore and the kinkiest doctor with the hottest and humpiest staff you’ll ever meet, in this hardcore fist fest. Dr. Ashley is the studly sphincter specialist who knows it’s good to find hard help when you’re in need of a new medical assistant and the rigorous initial interview process includes a thorough probing and rectal examination given to Wrex Wylde. More than just simply experienced, Wrex is wholly qualified for any and every position the good doctor can think of to put him in and he takes anything that comes near his gaping hole and rambunctious rosebud, putting the pro in prolapse. In another exam room, hung and tattooed muscle-daddy Nurse Drew Sebastian, is getting the vitals on inked bad boy Teddy Bryce, who is feeling strange pains and serious discomfort after getting a little crazy the night before. Resident physician Dr. Drew Dixon enters to take matters into his own hands and is soon elbows deep in Teddy to dislodge whatever unusual object is stuck far inside his voracious anal cavity. The Nurse takes Teddy’s temperature with his special XL meat thermometer, assuring him that this is proper protocol and procedure, and the two Drews have their patient impaled from both ends that makes them all spray ropes of hot jizz. Having passed the job interview with flying colors, the new hire Wrex returns for his first day of intensive training with hands on (and in) experience, taking on Dr. Ashley and Nurse Drew in an unforgettable “open office” exchange that leaves Wrex a quivering heap of satisfied, freshly fist-fucked power bottom. As the ass-cramming and butt-stretching action is paired with a surprising amount of humor, you’ll say a funny thing happened on the way to his forearm in, ‘The Punchy Proctologist’!