The Locker Room 2


Studio: ScottXXX
Actors: Zak Hazzard, Chad Mills

The sweaty and smelly changing rooms are back in Episode 2 of The Locker Room. This time it features sexy newbie, Chad Mills and long time porn favourite, Zak Hazzard. Chad cannot wait to get Zak’s enormous cock in his mouth and straight away grabs the monster and sucks for his life. The sweaty footie boots soon come off and Zak’s damp and dirty footie socks are pushed into Chad’s face and hungry mouth. The socks smell so hot the whole room stinks of the lads cheesy, sweaty feet. Zak’s big sweaty socked feet are in hung sub lad Chad’s face and they stay there until every drop of sweat has been licked up! Zak wanks his enormous cock frantically while he watches the sub enjoy his stink. His monster cock barely fits in Chad’s mouth, it’s THAT big! Chad can’t get enough of the hot top and is practically beggin’ to get his face into the lad’s sweaty arse! Stinking, ripe footie socks, loads of gobbin’, proper arse eatin’ action and a huge load of cum in this one lad.