Tat My Hole

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Teddy Bryce, Micah Martinez, Ryan Sebastian, Archer Croft

You can go to just about any local tattoo parlor for everyday ink, but there’s only one place in townyou can say ‘Tat My Hole’ and get this uniquely artful experience. Award-winning fetish director TomMoore brings viewers inside the country’s horniest tattoo shop with four hunks who aren’t afraid tocover their cheeks in ink and fill them with each other’s fists. On a particularly slow day, MicahMartinez is arriving for his appointment with Ryan Sebastian, but instead of getting his shouldertattoo filled in, his ass is gets filled, fucked and fisted by the artist and his co-worker, Teddy Bryce.Micah repays the men by stuffing Teddy full of his bareback cock and lubed hand until each of themis busting fat loads in the middle of the parlor. Later that week, Teddy Bryce is meeting new clientArcher Croft for the first time and quickly discovers that this hot stud actually gets turned on whilehe’s being tattooed. Only minutes into the appointment, Archer’s pierced cock is escaping his shorts– while he makes moves to destroy the artist’s hole and get a taste of his bright-red rosebud. Notwanting to leave without getting stretched out himself, Archer gets into position for the beefytattooed hunk to have a go at his ass and obliterate his backside until he’s fully drained and leftcovered in cum.