Pig Puppy

Are you a good boy, a bad dog, or are you something else entirely? Are you a ‘Pig Puppy’? Pups need strong masters, but only an experienced handler like Lance Hart can handle a ‘Pig Puppy.’ Directed by Tom Moore, ‘Pig Puppy’ shows Lance Hart doing what he does best: breaking in submissive bottom sluts who live to be used! Micky Mackenzie gets a crash course in spit roasting when Lance, Max Cameron, and a fucking machine take turns pummeling all his holes. Tyler Rush isn’t so submissive, and he gets some heavy discipline when he pees on Tyler’s boot! With ass hooks, restraints, sensory deprivation, and psychological anticipation, Lance proves once and for all that he is the master, securing Tyler’s canine loyalty. See for yourself exactly how Lance turns each ‘Pig Puppy’ into his submissive fuckbitch!

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Lance Hart, Max Cameron, Micky Mackenzie, Tyler Rush