Perverted Butcher

Studio: KinkMen
Actors:  Kyler Ash, Trenton Ducati

Kyler Ash awakens to find himself attached to a meat hook in Trenton Ducati’s lair. Trenton comes towards his fresh sexual slave to find out what type of meat he is packing. Trenton lets loose Kyler’s thick penis, and slides it down his throat. Kyler sways in the air, begging to cum. Trenton rather takes Kyler off the meathook, and slams him on a pile of meat. Trenton brings his throbbing dick, and rams it up Kyler’s tight hole. Trenton leaves his mew meat locked in a cage for some time, before taking him out for a fast walk employing a string leash and zapper as motivator. Trenton directs his pet to the meat cleaning channel, where he gets Kyler lick his cock clean before chaining him into the ceiling and brutally flogging him. Trenton’s flogger freshly tenderizes Kyler. Kyler is packaged at a Maxcita sleep bag, while electricity is delivered through his cock and nipples. The electric current hardens Kyler’s cock while the remainder of his body tingles with anticipation. Trenton decides it is time to start up Kyler’s asshole, also sticks an abysmal butt plug in to soften the tiny hole upward. Kyler’s bum is now prepared for Trenton’s big cock. Trenton fucks the cum from Kyler, then pulls out his cock, and showers his hot load all over Kyler’s face.