Nathan Rent Boy


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Nathan

Nathan is a 20-year-old guy down on his luck. He can’t seem to keep a job, nor find a decent place to live. Things have gotten so desperate he’s taken to selling himself, giving blowjobs behind the 7-11 in the seedy part of town. He’s a cute boy, blonde and well built, and he’s good at sucking cock. Maybe too good, since all the activity behind the dumpster has caught the attention of a cop we have on the payroll, who hands over any hot boys he happens to scoop up who are in need of a little off-the-record punishment. “What the fuck?” Nathan says when he’s stripped of his pants, blindfolded and hauled into a concrete room. He’s now in the hands of Jared, who is very eager for his own blowjob.