Mo’ Bigga’ Butt

Studio: Plain Wrapped
Actors:Brazen Brits, Buck Hammer, Corey Jay, Johnny Rider, Mark Anthony, Mark Evrett, Patrick O’Rourke, Steve Hood

Handball icon Cory Jay removes his harness, freeing up his gorgeous cock and hungry tattooed ass. He greases up a thick black dildo and turns on a private video of himself being fucked with various butt toys. His ass twitches at the sight and mounts the mammoth dildo, working his way up and down the massive tool. The muscles in his ass and legs flex in time with his deep breathing, grunts and groans. Warmed up and ready for more, Jay moves to a frighteningly long dildo and takes the tool deep into his bowels. His piss-slit dripping with an impressive piece of steel, Jay never wavers as he switches back to a dildo that stretches his ass to it’s widest. Jay moans in ecstasy and drips in sweat as he pumps his own hole. Finally, Jay leans over and gives a good view of his puckered-out hole, fingering himself and pushing out his ass for the camera.