Men On Edge Vol. 2

Straight boy Darin Silvers finds himself gagged and bound in a dungeon with Sebastian Keys. Darin’s never been edged before and this greedy boy is in for an intense session of tease and denial. Sebastian expertly uses his hands, mouth, and toys on Darin to bring him close to exploding but stops each time before he can blow his load. Finally, as Sebastian fingers his asshole and jerks him off, Darin blows his load all over himself!

Rikk York awaits Sebastian and Jackson in the Armory’s boiler room, dick already raging hard as it rubs against his leather pants. They slowly worship Rikk’s balls and tease his long shaft to the sound of his gagged moans. Just when Rikk thinks he’s reached his limit, Sebastian plows his hole with a dildo as Jackson strokes him with the fleshjack. Sebastian agrees to reward Rikk’s patience and Jackson milks a thick load from the stud’s cock.

Leather clad Trenton Ducati and Sebastian Keys flog each other hard on their muscled backs and asses before the real fun begins. Trenton is stripped naked and tied up as Sebastian relentlessly teases his hard cock. Every time Trenton is ready to blow his load, Sebastian backs off, delighting in denying him an orgasm. Finally, Trenton is allowed to cum and blows his hot thick load all over his belly while Sebastian continues teasing and sucks Trenton’s cock clean.

Studio: KinkMen
Actors: Sebastian Keys, Darin Silvers, Jackson Fillmore, Rikk York, Trenton Ducati