Martin Mazza


Studio: HardKinks
Actors: Martin Mazza, Mario Domenech, Jessy Ares, Rogan Richards, Frank Valencia, Viktor Rom, Antonio Miracle, Dani Robles

Do you like hard sex between machos full of testosterone? Muscles and sweat this week on Hardkinks’ new update. Frank Valencia and Dani Robles came to give Martin Mazza tons of cock and cum. Jessy is the new alpha male in the office. Today he wants to dominate his boss and put him in his place: at his feet. Tons of worship, blowjob, and fucking as if he were a simple inflatable doll. Locked, bound and captive in the hands of a dominant mobster. After the interrogation Martin is submitted to an intense fuck he’ll never forget, impaled by a giant cock that only seeks its own pleasure. Two students are failed by their teacher and decide to take revenge giving him a lesson he’ll never forget: Licking their feet and sneakers, writing humiliating phrases on the blackboard, or getting spitted in mouth, are some of the things he will have to do in order to learn who rules the class.