Hell Hour: Punished By Silas


Studio: My Dirtiest Fantasy
Actors: American FF, Silas RiseĀ 

American FF is dragged out of the dungeon by Silas, who quickly demands respect by whipping his naked ass and ordering to suck his cock. Once American has been face-fucked, his master places him on a box where he prepares his ass with some rimming for the wild fuck that is to come. Soon American is fisted and soon after fucks his abused ass with his rock hard cock, after all this excitement Silas cums on American’s face. But Silas is barely getting started with his daddy slave and ties him to the Saint Andrews cross where his naked body is soon to receive a hard-treatment with some whips. Among the whips, the master blows his cock making him moan. Soon the master places him on a stool and continues fisting his ass whilst he jerks himself off. Once American blasts his load, Silas puts him a mask for the last humiliation.