Heavy Punishment

These kinky twinks are bad to the bone and their vicious streak is prevalent as they dole out more than just a little Heavy Punishment to the subs in their charge. Tied to a bench with his tight hole on show, one unfortunate twink is abused with a large dildo whilst another is secured naked to the floor and his tormentor smears and greases him all over with the contents of the fridge. Like Gulliver, one unfortunate boy is held down by multiple rope whilst three tyrants take turns at him and if you think being bound, arms up, to a thick chain is bad, one poor guy then has to then endure a hot wax shower. These twinks thought they would be lathered with sweet kisses and anal lust but instead they are dealt a harsh card of punishment and pain!

Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Actors: Mylo Jordan, Ashton Bradley, Dylan Ducati, Sebastian Kane, Aaron Aurora, James Lain, Deacon Hunter, Ashton Bradley, Kieron Knight