G.I. Hole

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Brian Bonds, Max Adonis, Logan Bell, Mitch Matthews, Cazden Hunter

If you’re sent to the brig on this military base, it won’t take long for you to learn first-hand why Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds and his gaping ass have earned the nickname ‘G.I. Hole’. Join award-winning fetish director Tom Moore as he takes fans behind bars to expose the hole-stretching activities of this sex-craved Staff Sergeant and his crew of fist-hungry military men. For his first nut of the day, Brian Bonds is with Private Logan Bell and has to deal with AWOL recruit Max Adonis. After a thorough cavity search reveals that this runaway sailor’s hole is already wet and worn, the two go to town by fingering, fucking, and fisting the long-haired stud. Max Adonis then returns the favor by filling the men with his bareback cock and forming a fisting chariot with the horned-up servicemen. Private Mitch Matthews is the next man to find himself behind bars after getting caught engaging in inappropriate behavior on base. Down but never out, Mitch sets his sights on getting blown and fisted by the hunky duo of Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds and Corporal Cazden Hunter. Then, the Private gets the chance to stretch out the assholes of both Army studs until all three are completely drained and their holes are demolished.