Fucked & Punished


Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Actors: Jonny Parker, Justin James, Sebastian Kane, Ashton Bradley, Alexander Syden, Adam Watson, Aiden Jason, Scott Williams

They could be seasoned veterans or newbies looking at making their mark in the world of S&M, either way, they have a vicious yet artistic streak and the subs in their charge are about to find out just how much pain is going to be doled out and if they’ll be lucky enough to please their master, they will be rewarded with a little pleasure. Whether the preferred choice is a spreader bar, chains hanging from the ceiling or a cats cradle of bondage, these pain aficionados delight in slowly dripping hot wax onto a prone bare body, probing a tight, virgin ass with dildos, fingers and a fat cock and pissing into the face of their pain-wracked boy slave. Settle in for two hours of pain inducing action as these captives are Fucked & Punished!