Fresh Meat Bar

Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Actors: Theo Paul, Leo Rex, Koby Lewis, Michael Wyatt, Billy Rock, Luke Tyler, Jack Taylor

Were taught that we should treat everyone with respect and rightly so but there are some guys who really dont mind being regarded as fuck-meat. Which is perhaps just as well given that the action in this mindless adventure is not exactly the kind to boost a boys self-worth. Then again, of course, these hardcore twinks are totally sex obsessed, and dont really care what anyone thinks of them as long as they get rewarded with the handsome, meaty schlongs that theyve been promised. Lads like Billy Rock, Jack Taylor and Theo Paul, who think nothing of pushing acceptable behaviour to the limits; and who go on the kind of wanton fuck-fest that will have you wanking into your tissues time and again, Youve been warned!