Fist Fuck Hotel

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Dominic Pacifico, Brian Bonds, Archer Croft, Jim Fit, Andrew Connor, Brock Kniles

These gaping guests know exactly what to expect when checking into the ‘Fist Fuck Hotel’. With each room designed specifically to fit the needs of fist-hungry content creators, this hot spot has long been known as the go-to location for anyone looking to film themselves getting wrecked and refined. The latest porn star to check into the hotel’s oversized suite is Dominic Pacifico. Joined by Andrew Connor and Brock Kniles, Dominic starts off his stay by getting barebacked and fisted for the camera. Next, he returns the favor by taking a fist to Andrew Connor as Andrew uses his hand to stuff the muscular cheeks of Brock Kniles. Brian Bonds then begins his stay by hitting record and teaming up with hot jock Jim Fit to spit-roast Archer Croft. Once Archer has been sufficiently stretched, Brian and Jim bust open their holes to be simultaneously fisted until they’re coated in cum and leaving the ‘Fist Fuck Hotel’ completely drained and satisfied.