Doug Acre – Thick And Hung

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Doug Acre

Doug Acre is a big and thick jock with a gigantic cock. The last thing the stud remembers is lifting weights at the gym. Now, he’s hooded, bound to an X-cross with no idea of how he’s gotten there. Ready to show Doug what endurance is all about, Jared starts by attaching clothespins to Doug’s chest, nipples, cock and balls. Then, with his slave shaking in agony, Jared demands to see some cum from that huge cock. Doug removes the clothespins from his genitals and jerks himself off, shooting out an impressive load of cum. Then, the stud is flipped around on the X-cross and brutally whipped with the flogger. After the violent beating, Doug is bound to an electrified metal chair. Agonizing jolts of electricity fry the studs thick cock as his body writhes in agony, rendering him unconscious. Now, the cocky porn star is splayed on his back on the bondage table, his arms handcuffed over his head as gobs of freshly-melted searing hot wax are poured over the slave. After both his front and back are coated in wax, Doug must suck Master Jared’s cock until he gets off. Doug does as he’s told; his only reward not freedom, but having the dried wax brutally beaten from his body.