Dominant Masters

Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Russ Connor, Nathaniel Bronze, Ashton Bradley, Steven Prior, Max Brown

If you have submissive boys then it’s only right that you have Dominant Masters, and you’ll be under no misconception as to who is in charge as these guys assert their authority. Watch as they take pleasure in tormenting their charges, strapping them down and abusing them at their leisure. A cat’s cradle of bondage rope holds them in place whilst these masters amuse themselves with some cock and ball play. An ankle spreader bar is the perfect prop as it allows them to drip hot wax onto tender tights and shrinking balls without these boys trying to get away and a riding crop is always a source of great entertainment for these dungeon gurus. Over two hours of molestation and suffering – just the way you like it!