Cop’s Hell

Studio: HardKinks
Actors: Adrian Dimas, Andrea Suarez, Tyler Roding, Izaan, El Conde, Alberto Brown, Aday Traun, Sergio Mutty, Angel Cruz

Two waiters are visited by a policeman who does not hesitate to threaten them if they don’t show him the club’s paperwork. The young alpha males decide to show him who makes the rules and submit him to extreme humiliations. In the darkness of a basement, two young pals have retained a policeman. They want him to humiliate, insult and having him submitted to all kinds of perversions. All for messing with the wrong teenagers. Our cop comes home after a long day of work without suspecting that someone has entered his home to steal. When he realizes is too late, he’ll have to submit to his captor’s humiliations: A dirty bastard Master. Our cop agent receives a visit from an Alpha coworker who has to see his sexual videos on the internet. His colleague makes him to clean, give him the keys of the house, swallowing his spit, and much more. Locked in a dungeon at the mercy of 3 evil young alphas who just want to have fun humiliating him without limits, five minutes ago was a policeman, now reduced to a slave, a cockroach to be crushed by them. Cop is caged at the mercy of a straight evil scaly lad who wants to put the agent to worship his smelly feet, to swallow his spit and make him suffer all kinds of humiliations. Will he get free?