Beefcake Boys

Studio: KinkMen
Actors: Sebastian Keys, Chance Summerlin, Steve Roman, Scott Ambrose, Alex Mecum, Tyler Rush

Alex Mecum is a sight to behold as he’s bound in ropes, blindfolded and edged to the limit! He writhes in frustration and ecstasy as his massive cock is sucked, stroked and gripped while his nipples are tightly pinched in clamps and his balls are teased with the hitachi. Alex receives a nice hard fucking from the dick on a stick before being tied to the bed and tickle d until he blows his load all over himself!
Chance and Sebastian go to Steven’s auto-shop looking for jobs, but the two pervs can’t help but swoon over the mountain of muscle that stands before them. They sneak up on Steven to quickly get him in their ropes with a blindfold over his eyes and decide to have their way with him. Steven has his hairy ass violated with fingers and dildos before blowing a massive load across Chance’s face.
Scott Ambrose is looking to get in touch with his kinky side so he seeks out the BDSM master, Sebastian Keys. Sebastian takes him back to his dungeon and introduces him to the flogger before locking him in the stockade for a proper beating. He then gets a taste of electricity with a butt plug shoved up his ass before taking all of Sebastian’s hard cock. The two switch things up as Scott fucks Sebastian in the stockade before showering him with cum.