Studio: HardKinks
Actors: Aaron Lautner, Abraham Montenegro, Alec Loob, Ely Chaim, Geo Dovek, James Silver, Miquel Duque, Peyo Fonte, Yago Sinner

Yago invites a friend to watch a game while making his submissive boyfriend rub and massage their feet, suck their cocks, and be used as a hole to fuck and breed without mercy. Peyo and Geo are back sleazier than ever in a session of dildos and pure sex you’ll never forget. Two sweaty males filled with testosterone and eager to fuck. Are you ready to watch these hard kinks? Do you remember Master Personal Trainer? He’s back today and needs a complete foot massage, a mouth that wipes away all his sweat, and a hole to fuck without mercy. We have the perfect sub for him. Yago would like to see his preppy classic boyfriend becoming a dirty sub slut addicted to cocks that fill every single hole. Well guys, wish granted! The time has come for that to happen. Aaron does a photoshoot with two dominant young guys. They show him who’s the boss making him clean their shoes, tying and humiliating him, spitting and fucking him. Time to serve the young alphas.