Bad Boys Get Fucked

Bad Boys Get Fucked. That’s true, but they also get tied up, spanked and spat on beforehand. Hung upside down, one young twink is taught a painful lesson in respect as he is paddled and forced to lick his daddy’s boots. Chained and bent facing the wall, another hapless twink has to take his punishment and the big, fat dick of his master and an intricate cat’s cradle of rope may bind one twink, but his mouth and ass are swinging free and it’s open season on helpless twinks. No fluff play, just two hours of hog tied subs who give in to their desire to obey and receive the punishment they’re craving. They get what they deserve!

Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Actors: Aaron Aurora, Alex Silvers, Ashton Bradley, Brett Wright, Deacon Hunter, Kenzie Maddison, Sean Taylor, Sebastian Kane, Steven Prior