Backroom Bar Buddies

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Micah Martinez, Wrex Wylde, Drew Dixon, Jack Hunter

At a popular clothing optional club, the Backroom Bar Buddies get to know each other on a deeper, sexual level with their raw cocks and hefty fists. Award-winning director Tom Moore delivers sixthirsty, fist-craving hunks to the backroom to fulfill their desires. After Jack Hunter gets stood up at the clubs bar, Wrex Wylde takes turns fisting Jack and Micah Martinez. When they move it to thebackroom, Wrex proves his hole is up to the challenge of both Jack and Micahs fists. With an hour to use Jack Hunter as his sex to, Drew Dixon has his way with the caged slave. In the last 30minutes of Drews session, its Jacks turn to satisfy his master. Looking for hot, intense fisting action? Make friends with the Backroom Bar Buddies, and let your ass get stretched to the limits!