Alexei – Russian Slave

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Alexei

Alexei is a beautiful, young swimmer on the Russian Olympic team who has been accused of doping. It’s not true, but who cares; he must be made an example of. Alexei is bolted to a concrete wall, naked, and brutally flogged, the wounds splashed with alcohol. Then he’s bound to a massive beam, face-first, and the same is done to his beautiful back and ass. His tormentor is the equally beautiful and much more muscular Jared, who clearly enjoys striking the Russian blonde. Alexei is crucified for hours, his lithe body glistening with sweat as he squirms in agony. After hours on the cross, the athlete is spread-eagled face down on a play table and zapped with a wand, a device that surges electricity into his body every time Jared drags it across his smooth skin. Alexei is flipped over and the same is done to his stomach and chest. Then the electro-play gets much worse: electrodes are attached to a steel ring around his cock and balls and he’s shocked over and over with thousands of volts, making him literally convulse in agony, his muscles rippling. Still on the table, Alexei is coated with hot wax. Sheer beauty.