Aday Traun: Barcelona’s Hottest Fucker

Studio: HardKinks
Actors: Dylan Arton, Dani Basch, Mikel Bosco, Carlos Bellic, Aday Traun, Logan Moore

There are guys like that who smell of sex from miles away. Aday Traun is one of them. Top only, he is that big, strong, bogus Spanish guy with whom the boys like to hang out. Alpha and nice in everyday life, Aday turns into a ruthless hunk when it comes time to fuck. This earned him the title of Barcelona’s best fucker! No bottom can resist him and in this film it’s a festival of ball-deep fucking! Aday starts blowing off one of his friends by making him worship his sneakers and feet before blowing up all the holes without mercy. Definitely launched into a fierce ass-breaking, the XXL Traun will then dominate two guys in a parking lot for an unforgettable exhbitionist three-way shot. While travelling in Berlin, he shapes the face of playboy Logan Moore and makes his mouth and cunt addicted to his phenomenal stem. And to close the whole thing, he initiated a little manly fag and a bearded man. At his contact all the guys turn into super dogs in need of a tail. That’s the brand of the best fuckers.