Xavier Sullies An Angel – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Angel Privvt

His name is Angel but we get the feeling he’s not so innocent. In fact we know he ain’t! He definitely won’t be by the time kinky dom boy Xavier is done using him. Xavier has a special metal rack set up and in no time at all he has his boy roped down onto it, hoisting him up to swing on the uncomfortably platform. Cock-obsessed lad Xavier is soon underneath, toying with Angel’s cock, tugging him, sucking his meat, rolling the painful pinwheel along his tender shaft and slapping his dangling balls. His plump nuts are soon covered in pinching clothespins, his meat thick and heavy. It’s a good agonizing introduction, but you’re gonna love what Xavier does with him in part 2!