Xavier Owns His Warm Wet Holes – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Jamie Kelvin

You know it’s been a good session when your sub captive slings so much hot cum from his desperate cock. Xavier has fully had his way with gorgeous blond boy Jamie but there’s one more task to do. With naked and used boy roped up on the cross Xavier gets to work with the tight black plastic, wrapping his prisoner up tight. Jamie can’t move, but his cock is soon rigid and wet once more when Xavier gets to work on his meat. Jamie surrenders to the pleasure, his penis drooling, his foreskin slick with pre, his balls loaded and heavy while Xavier rubs and torments his helmet and shaft with skill until Jamie starts to convulse. With little rocks of his hips and groans from above his cum starts to spew from his dome in leaping gushes, raining down all over the place! Xavier knows his job is done, but we all know Jamie will be back for more soon enough.