Xavier Owns His Warm Wet Holes – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Jamie Kelvin

How do you totally own a boy like Jamie? Xavier knows how. He shackles the boy’s ankles and immediately gets to work satisfying his own swollen cock in his captive’s mouth. Blond boy Jamie obediently sucks and licks, gagging on the wet dong invading his face and sucking on his dom’s balls when commanded. Flipped over to be tormented by the pain of molten wax raining down over his naked body the boy is soon submitting to an anal pounding. Xavier fingers his hole open before jabbing his naked meat inside, slamming his pucker with his length while his nuts slap against the boy’s taint. That warm and wet hole is enough to have any dom needing release, and Xavier sure delivers, gushing his load out over the boy’s back to make a bigger mess on top of the hardening wax.