Xavier Meets Slim Boy Jesse – Part 3


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Jesse Evans

Xavier has fully used his gorgeous little pal Jesse, tormenting him with pegs and ball tugging, then spanking that arse and fucking his mouth to get his own cum load pumping, but he’s not gonna be done until he’s stolen Jesse’s cum from his cock. He ropes the boy up to the cross and takes a moment to enjoy the taste of his captive’s delicious young dick, but it’s not enough for him. The plastic wrapped around the boy secures him in place and increases the sense of danger, the gas mask over his head a convenient way to control the boy’s breathing. Xavier knows how to make the pleasure even more intense as he wanks and sucks the throbbing wet dick while Jesse gasps for breath. The eventual climax sends his hot young cum splashing through the air with powerful spurts that show Xavier’s skill, finally bringing their first play session to an end.