Wyatt – Short-order Slave – Chapter 6


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Wyatt

Young Wyatt remains bound to the pillar as Jared continues to edge him – keeping him hard but not letting him cum. Jared finally has mercy on the boy and releases his right arm so he can jerk off. Wyatt spews a massive load of cum all over the dungeon floor, despite spending 24 hours bound so tight he couldn’t even squirm. The slave is then hung by his balls in Jared’s private den. “I bet you wish you had muscles like me,” Jared, stripped to his undies, says as he rubs Wyatt’s naked body then orders him to do pull ups from chains hanging from the ceiling. “Yes, sir,” Wyatt says but he can’t summon the strength so Jared whips him. Wyatt cries out, shaking in exhaustion. The rope around his genitals forces him to stand on his toes; his balls ache terribly and he feels lightheaded but he takes the pain. “That ass is mine,” Jared says, slapping Wyatt’s round cheeks and licking his erect cock.