Wyatt – Short-order Slave – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Wyatt

Slave boy Wyatt is held tightly to a concrete pillar with plastic wrap, naked and unable to move. Despite his short-cropped beard, Wyatt’s boyish body is naturally hairless, supple but well-built. Jared, fully clothed, has cut the plastic away from Wyatt’s nipples and genitals and tortures those super-sensitive body parts with a razor-sharp pinwheel and various spring-loaded clamps and clips. The boy trembles and moans inside his clear cocoon, his semi-erect cock lined with nasty, biting clips, its tip crushed by a much larger, powerful clamp. Hours later, Jared removes the biting pins and strokes Wyatt’s damaged cock until it is rock hard, but he won’t let the whimpering youth cum. What a sadist!