Wyatt – Short-order Slave – Chapter 3


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Wyatt

Boyish shorty Wyatt is roped, face-first, to a concrete pillar, naked, his arms pulled up by the wrists and roped in the center of his back, exposing his plump ass. What a sexy little fuck-boy, bound and helpless, ready to be used and abused. Muscle-man Jared pushes his fingers up Wyatt’s ass then works the boy’s cock while continuing to thumb his asshole. Then he shoves an 11-inch dildo all the way up the boy’s fuck-hole. Wyatt’s eyes roll back into his head. He moans and groans as he’s repeatedly fucked, his body trembling with each violation. Like a good slave, he holds back his screams as Jared canes his ass, leaving it covered with nasty, deep welts. Wyatt knows he is lives for only two things: Sex and pain.