Who’s Using Who?: Ricky Sinz Takes Down Cole Brooks


Studio: KinkMen Classics
Actors: Cole Brooks, Ricky Sinz

In this Bound Gods shoot from 2012, Ricky Sinz is an escaped convict who’s perving his way across the country. He finds himself peering through Cole Brooks’s window, looking for some action. Cole is masturbating in self bondage in his living room. Ricky climbs through the window and takes the unsuspected Cole down. He ties the boy to the chair and beats him until he submits to cock sucking. Cole has a mouth on him so Ricky drags him into the bathroom and dunks his mouthy head in the bathtub full of water. He fucks the boy in the water and fucks him some more in the bedroom. Cole is made to worship the convict’s foot and cock. Cole is also put in a suspension and fucked in his living room. The boy receives a load of cum on the face and a good old flogging in the end just for the hell of it.