When Push Comes To Shove, Scene 02

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Derek Kage, Max Depth

Before Derek Kage grants Max Depth entry into his private playground, he needs to administer a few tests to ensure his new hookup’s hole can actually handle as much as he claims. Max eagerly accepts the preliminary screening by dropping down to suck off the handsome stranger in his foyer and then stripping down to his jockstrap for Derek to rim his fuck-ready hole. Derek advances the test by sliding his raw cock into Max’s ass and, after some bareback thrusting, moves on to something much larger. Covered in lube, Derek’s fist begins working its way into Max’s backside. Derek uses his right hand to slap Max’s bare cheeks as his left arm disappears deeper and deeper into the sub bottom’s seemingly never-ending hole until he can pull out and expose Max’s glistening, velvet rosebud. With his big dick back inside Max’s wrecked hole, Derek breeds Max’s insides before pulling out to admire the creamy nut pouring out of Max’s ass.