Whatever It Takes: Max Konnor And Jake Waters

Studio: KinkMen.com
Actors: Max Konnor, Jake Waters

Jake Waters is unemployed and will do whatever it takes to provide for his family. He notices a classified ad written by Max Konnor, and decides to call him.
Desperate for work, Jake agrees to become a house servant for Max and do anything he wants, whenever and whatever. Max has Jake strip down and clean himself in the shower. Max rubs his hard cock while he watches Jake. He presses Jake against the tiled wall and spanks his wet ass hard. He moves Jake to his bedroom, where he’s blindfolded and tied up in rope bondage. Max slaps his legs with a big leather paddle and then moves on to the electric zapper. Max whips out his massive meat and shoves it all the way down Jakes throat. Max puts Jakes ass in the air and slides his cock inside Jake’s asshole and fucks him deep, hard, and raw.