What The Devil Does: Gunnar Stone’s Ritualistic Torment Of Brody Fox

Studio: KinkMen.com
Actors: Gunnar Stone, Brody Fox

The Demon Dom, Gunnar Stone, is back and performs a ritual to the Devil on his willing victim Brody Fox. Brody is bound, gagged, and splayed out on a pentagram with candles burning all around him. Gunnar begins the ritual with a vicious cropping to tenderize his victim’s flesh. He utilizes clothespins all over Brody’s body to ensure maximum torment is being reached. Brody then has hot wax poured all over his exposed body by Master Stone, who takes delight in watching his victim suffer. Next, Brody is tied on his knees and receives a merciless thrashing from Gunnar with the flogger. In the final part of the ritual, Gunnar rails Brody with his demon dick until he shoots his cum on his sacrificial victim’s ass.