Wes Morales – U.S. Marine – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Wes Morales

Young Wes Morales shakes his head in terror, looking around helplessly, as a metal chain is wrapped around his cock and balls and electrodes are attached to it. “Ready to talk?” the man asks. “Fuck you!” Wes replies a second before the man flips a switch sending 2000 volts through the three inches of flesh at the base of the stud’s cock, lifting his body off the table as he screams in agony. The shocks, often lasting a minute or longer, continue, over and over, the voltage doubling over time. The young Marine’s naked body glistens with sweat, his beautiful muscles twitching and contracting until he is a quivering mass of boy flesh, delirious with pain and exhaustion.