Wes Morales – U.S. Marine – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Wes Morales

Wes Morales is spread-eagle on a table. His athletic body looks even better displayed on his back, his pecs stretched and abs sucked in. The young Marine flexes and struggles against his bonds, his cock visible through the mesh of his jock. “How many men in your unit?” the man torturing him asks. “I’m Specialist Wes Morales, serial number 2-4-0-6-40!” he says — and nothing more. “Talk!” the man screams, whipping his chest and abs, then cutting off his jock, revealing a beautiful cock. “Fuck you!” Wes replies, repeating his name, rank and serial number after each question. The man lashes the Marine’s chest and stomach 200 times, but Wes won’t break.