Wes Morales – U.S. Marine – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Wes Morales

U.S. Marine Wes Morales might be only 20, but he has the toughness of a much older man. Stripped to his jock and a T-shirt, the young fighter is bound to a metal chair with duct tape. “Fuck you!” he screams when his captor, a civilian in casual clothes, demands that he reveal his mission. “This is your last chance, Marine,” the man says, but Wes will state nothing but his name, rank and serial number. The man rips Wes’ shirt open, revealing a hairless, sculpted body, then attaches electrodes to his nipples and the base of the chair. “Fuck, man, are you going to electrocute me?” Wes asks, his eyes wide with terror.