Wade Russell – Three Days of Pain – Chapter 10

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Wade Russell

Strapped to the cross on his back, 18-year-old Wade Russell is terrified of what is about to happen: the slow, unrelenting torture of crucifixion. The cross begins to rise. Wade looks around helplessly as his full body weight pulls on each wrist strapped to the wood. Within minutes, every muscle in his lean, taut body is straining, from his forearms and biceps to his pecs and abs to his thighs and calves. After 30 minutes he flexes and lifts himself, trying to relieve the stress, but nothing works. After an hour, breathing is hard, but, god, does he look good, biceps bulging, eight-pack flexed then sucked in, pecs flattened, armpits deep and white, legs rippling.