Using The Most Ravenous Boy – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Alex Faux

With his pubes covered in hardened wax and a toy still wedged up his well-used little hole young Alex is tightly secured in the straitjacket. Master Sean isn’t done with his fuck toy just yet, he needs to make that gorgeous pink uncut dick splash sperm! The bound up boy is moved to the mattress, a gas mask over his head. Sean controls his breathing while he grabs that drooling dick and starts wanking him, his penis glistening with precum and lube, his helmet glowing with pleasure while the toy continues to work inside his arse. The boy moans through it, his utterances muffled by the gas mask as the pleasure swells and falls back, again and again. The boy’s cock is so desperate, his pink balls tight, his body twitching, until the hot semen begins to flood from his hooded length in a final release that leaves them both satisfied.