Using The Latino Boy – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Galiel Swan

Master Kane is finally ready to steal the boy’s cum, something he always loves to do with his gorgeous little captives. After the intense nipple play and sucking of part 1 and the painful spanking of part 2, young Galiel is desperate to get his sperm splashing from his dick. Master ropes him up tight, binding his arms and legs, positioning him on his back and getting to work. In no time little Galiel is writhing, his penis dribbling precum, his glistening helmet bulging with delicious agony while Master’s hands play and rub and torment him. Master knows when he’s rubbed that cock too far, letting go and watching as semen starts to splash from Galiel’s cock in thick and pumping spurts! The boy might think it’s over, but Master is determined to milk every drop of sperm from the boy, and feed him his own warm juices!