Using The Latino Boy – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Galiel Swan

Master Kane has just spent a while enjoying the delicious uncut cock of gorgeous little Latino twink Galiel, but he’s nowhere close to being done with the boy yet. Freed from his ropes the boy is bent over his knees, his clothed little arse spanked, his cheeks played with and slowly revealed. He’s a stunning little captive, his penis floppy, his pert little buttocks red and sore, made to show off the damage for some humiliating photos. Master Kane is going to enjoy sending those pics to his equally devious friends, they’re going to be so jealous. Of course Master needs to taste that cock again before he’s ready to let the boy cum. After some painful slaps of his hard inches and some more delicious sucking he makes the boy wank himself. Galiel needs to shoot his load so badly, but will Master give him that relief in part 3? Stick around to find out.