Using The Latino Boy – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Galiel Swan

Master Kane loves little Galiel. The Latino boy is so sweet, so vulnerable and so delicious! He’s one of several sexy young Latino’s Master Kane has enjoyed, but this boy can handle a lot and he’s going to get plenty of it in this session. Master Kane knows what he wants. In moments he has the gorgeous boy standing, his wrists tied to the bar above, his delicious dick freed from his boxers. He wanks and sucks the tasty penis, playing with the boy’s nipples, pinching them tight with clamps, tugging his rigid cock painfully back between his legs. Poor little Galiel is completely at his mercy, but despite the penis pleasure Master is delivering the boy is going to endure a lot more before he’s allowed to cum. Stick around for part 2!