Using The Hung Boy’s Holes – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Jake Hunter

Roped down to the bench the boy is soon at the mercy of Sean’s big dick, his smooth little arse up for filling. Sean licks the boy’s twinky pucker, making his cock dribble pre to the leather of the bench below. He eases his big dick inside, pushing through the snugness of his captives reluctance and filling his insides with his warm and throbbing tool. Anyone who’s been fucked by big Sean knows to let him have his way and boy does he, pounding that pucker deep and hard and using young Jake until he’s ready to pull out and launch his hot milky cum wad all over those cheeks. If the boy thinks master is done with him he’s got another thing coming. Stick around for the cum theft of part 3.