Using The Hung Boy’s Holes – Part 1


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Jake Hunter

This is the first time hung little Jake has been owned by devious dom Sean, and the boy has no idea what’s coming. Sean soon has the twink bent over the stool, his hands and legs roped into place. He gives that bare arse some slaps and tastes the boy’s hot little hole too, but he’s really needing that inexperienced mouth on his big meat. He shows the boy how to suck him, feeding the twink his drooling dick and really fucking that mouth. he gets so hard and so wet young Jake might drown on the precum and spit if it weren’t drooling from his mouth. With the boy’s cheeks red and his mouth aching from all the cock sucking he’s delivered Jake is prepped for more. Stick around for part 2!