Using The Hottest Little Redhead – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Ashton Bradley, Avery Monroe

Sweet little Avery has been left hooded and restrained on the chair after all the fun Master Kane had with him, but the boy doesn’t know that kinky lad Ashton has been waiting for just the right opportunity to come and have his own fun. With Master out of the way the horny lad grabs the wax, and the boy’s uncut cock, wanking the hooded twink so his fleshy dick starts to swell. The pain of the wax splashing over his naked body makes his erection floppy and swollen before being wanked again to full hardness, edged and played with as the mix of pleasure and pain floods his senses. Finally, with his hand freed to satisfy his needs the boy spurts his semen from his swollen, aching cock, and Ashton sets about covering the spent shaft with more painful molten wax!