Using The Gorgeous Boy from Paraguay – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Galiel Swan

Galiel has been through so much at the hands of hot boy Xavier, but his torment is finally about to come to an end in the way he so desperately needs. The gorgeous boy is roped up on the cross with his floppy dick there to be used and greedy lad Xavier is determined to get the cream from it. It’s not gonna be simple, of course, this devious guy knows a few ways to make the fun last, like splashing the boy’s naked body with hot wax, pouring ice water over him and wrapping him up in tight plastic until he can hardly breathe. Even with all that torment the gorgeous boy can’t stop his cock from spitting hot cum when Xavier wanks and sucks him, stealing the young guy’s load from his dick and bringing the punishment to a messy end.