Using The Gorgeous Boy from Paraguay – Part 2


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Galiel Swan

With his sexy smooth body covered in painful wax Galiel is brought to the metal bench, the ropes around his wrists and ankles useful for what Xavier has in mind. The pain and pleasure of more molten wax and freezing ice on his bare flesh might distract him for a moment or two, but soon those legs are up and it’s clear Xavier is about to fuck that sweet hole. With some licking and slurping the devious dom gets that hole ready for his cock, easing his helmet between those cheeks and filling the boy with his stiff length. Galiel seems happy to finally be getting some pleasure and the mess of hot semen splashing over him is a welcome change to the painful wax, but we know it’s not over until Xavier steals the boy’s cum, too. Stick around for part 3!