Using The Gorgeous Boy from Paraguay – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Galiel Swan

Xavier has already had a great time with gorgeous little twink Galiel once, but he’s not done with the boy yet. The smooth little guy is soon roped down on the floor, naked and susceptible to all Xavier’s sadistic whims, and you know he has many. The many candles around should have given the boy an idea of what was to come, but it’s not like he has any choice in the matter. It doesn’t matter if Galiel cries out as the wax splashes over his bare skin, no one is coming to rescue him. Even though it’s painful the boy can’t stop his cock from swelling in Xavier’s hands and mouth, or the stroker toy he uses on the boy. Xavier isn’t ready to make that cock spit cum just yet, stick around for part 2!